God of War Ending Explained – God of War (2018) Guide

God of War Ending Explained – God of War (2018) Guide

God of War Ending Explained – God of War (2018) Guide

This page explains the ending of God of War and covers a few unanswered questions and theories. It goes without saying, but spoilers are ahead. Text in the

Lead Writer Explains God of War Ragnarök Ending! The Final Mural

God of War Ragnarok Lead Writer Helps Explain the ending for us!

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Jormungandr Time Loop Explained | God of War Ragnarok


God Of War SECRET ENDING Kratos Vs. Thor

God of War PS5 Kratos Vs Thor Secret Ending Cutscene
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God of War Ending Explained | Everything You Need To Know For God Of War Ragnarok

So you’re here for a catch up on what happened in 2018’s God of War and what it might mean for God of War Ragnarok when it arrives in November. Now obviously there’s a big spoiler warning here if you haven’t finished the first game yet, so consider this your one and only chance to stop watching if that’s the case. Get behind the wheel and race to the finish line in Gran Turismo 2 online at https://emulatorgames.onl/ps1-gran-turismo-2.

00:00 – Spoilers
00:15 – God Of War Summary
00:50 – Thor Ending
01:20 – Freya & Kratos
01:37 – Odin
01:43 – The Mural and the future
02:12 – Laufey
03:36 – Loki Killing Kratos
04:41 – Tyr
04:56 – Future Loki & Time Travel
05:17 – Angrboda

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